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State of North Carolina                                                                               In The Superior Court
Wilkes County                                                                                             Before the Clerk

A paper purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of A C Moore deceased is exhibited before me the undersigned Clerk of the Superior Court for said County by T R Moore, son of the deceased, therein mentioned and the due execution offered by the said A C Moore by the oath and examination of E H Glass and Eva Glass the subscribing witnesses thereto; who being duly sworn, doth depose and say and each for himself and herself deposeth and saith, that he and she is a subscribing witness to the paper writing now shown him, her purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of A C Moore; that the said A C Moore in the presence of this deponent subscribed his name at the end of said paper writing now shown as aforesaid and which bears the date of the 20th day of January 1932.

AND THE DEPONENT further saith, that the said A C Moore the testator of said did at the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid, declare the paper writing so subscribed by him and exhibited to be his Last Will and Testament, and this deponent did thereupon subscribe their name at the end of said Will as an attesting witness to, and at the request and in the presence of the said testator. And this deponent further saith that at the said time when the said testator subscribed his name to the Last Will as aforesaid, and at the time of deponent's subscribing his and her name as an attesting witness thereto as aforesaid, the said A C Moore was of sound mind and memory, of full age to execute a Will and not under any restrain to the knowledge, information or belief of this deponent: And further these deponents say not.

                                                                                                                   E H Glass
Severally sworn and subscribed                                                                   Eva Glass
this 19 & 26 days of April, 1944
before me Cora Caudill, Depuity C. D. C

It is therefore, considered and adjudged by the Court that the said paper writing, and every part thereof is the Last Will and Testament of A C Moore deceased, and the same, with the foregoing examination and this cerificate are ordered to be recorded and filed.

This 27 day of April 1944
                                                                                                                   C C Hayes
                                                                                                                   Clerk Superior Court


Bk 9 p 475
Jan 20 1932

I, A C Moore of Spurgeon North Carolina being of sound and disposed mind and memory considering the uncertainty of continuance in life, and desiring to make a disposition of my worldly estate as I deem best do make publish and declair this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former Wills, codiciles whatsoever by me made.

First, I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as practicable after my decease.

Second, I give and bequeath to my two daughters Julia Moore and Edna Moore a certain tract or parcel of land including the house in which I now live and household and kitchen furniture. The land beginning on a white oak in H E Combs line running a West course to a Johnson's line winter apple tree near the corner of the ---- thence a North West course to the rock bridge near the barn, thence North with --lly to the creek, thence with the creek to the mouth of the branch, then with the branch to a walnut tree in the W A Moore line to be beginning containing 25 acres more or less.

If am I am not able to put up toom stones to my wifes grave then I want enough of my household or other goods sold to pay for a toom stone for my wife and one for me. I want them to be like Pink Gregorys & Sallie Gregorys. If the toom stones are paid for without selling any of the personal peoperty then all of my kitchen and household furniture are to go to my daughters Julia and Edna Moore if they are not paid for that way then they Julia & Edna Moore are to have what is left out of the kitchen & household goods.

After Juia & Edna's death and their just debts and funeral expenses are paid I want Pansy Moore to have one half of what is left of Julia & Edna Moores estate. The other half of Julia & Edna's estate to be divided equal between Wilson Moore's children.

Third, I give and bequeath to my son T R Moore a certain tract or parcel of land. Beginning on the same white oak in H E Combs line running South to the corner of A K Baity land then West with A K Baity line to his corner, then a North course to a walnut tree, then with the girls line back to the white oak containing 25 acres more or less.

T R Moore is to get this 25 acres of land provided that Wilson Moore receives ($25.00) Twenty five dollars of this 25 acres of land.

Further that T R Moore is to do the milling and get the wood for his father during his life time. If these two last clauses is carried out then T R Moore is to receive the 25 acres of land and also the shop tools.

I nominate and appoint C G Glass to be the executor of this Will.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 20th day of January Nineteen Hundred and thirty two.

                                                                                                                A C Moore x

Signed, published and acknowledged by the said A C Moore as and for his Last Will and testament in our presence and subscribed and attested by us, as witnesses in his presence and at his request, and in the presence of each other.

                                                                                                                E H Glass Resides at Spurgeon NC
                                                                                                                Eva Glass Resides at Wilkesboro NC

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