Bethany Baptist Church

Located at 7930 Brushy Mountain Rd
Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church

Photos above show the church in 2004.

The present Bethany Baptist Church was built at this location in 1959.
The church's 100th avnniversary was celebrated in 1992.                   

Church History:

Bethany Baptist Church was set off, as an arm, from Bethel Baptist Church. The church was constituted on Saturday October 29 1892, at the new church building. Rev J P Gwaltney was called as the first pastor, on December 3 1892.

Constructed of unpainted wood plants, the one room church had a tin roof, one door and a couple of windows. The inside walls were unfinished with bare rafters. The building was heated by a wood stove with the pipe extended out a window.

The original church site was located below the Old Bethany Cemetery.

Bethany Baptist Church

In 1911 a new church was constructed on the original site near the
Old Bethany Cemetery.

(Photo provided by Bill Moore)

Bethany Baptist Church  Brushy Mountain Community Center

Bethany Baptist Church

         Bethany Baptist Church is located beside the community center.
 Next door to the community center is the fire department.


Bethany Cemetery

Odell Moore & Ella Day Headstone Odell Moore & Ella Day Headstone

Jeter Hayes Headstone   Dora Mae Hayes Headstone

Bethany Cemetery Jeter Hayes Headstone

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