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Ephraim Cook Will

Ephraim Cook
Wilkes County NC
Will BK-6 Page 64

State of North Carolina
Wilkes County

I Ephraim Cook of the County and State aforesaid being in feeble health though Sound in mind knowing that it is appointed unto man to die. I therefore do make this my last will and testament evoking all others heretofore by me made.
Item 1st: I will that all my just debts shall be paid by my executors by me hereinafter to be my me appointed.
Item 2nd: I will unto my beloved wife Levica Cook all my household and kitchen furniture and two head of cattle and all my stock of hogs and all my sheep and all my crops of grain on hand and __ and the house and plantation which I now live bounded as follows: Beginning at the mouth of my land a South course to a large Sarvice tree standing on the ridge near the Conell old orchard there with the top of the ridge to the Shoemaker old line then with said line to Henry Hays line and with said line to a stake near where Frankey Hays now lives then North West course a straight line to the muscadine rocks then a South course a straight line to the beginning. All of said property is to belong to my wife Levica do as she pleases free from the claim of any future husbands.
Item 3rd: I also will that the balance of my personal property not named in this will and all of my lands including my mill is to be sold at public sale by my executors and the money equally divided among my lawful heirs except Phebe Parlier which owes me founteen dollars and Martha Queen seven which is to be deducted out of their parts unless they settle said debts.
Item 4: I appoint H Hays and Bartlett Mullice my executors to this my last will this Oct 6 1872.
Witness  H. Hays                                                Ephraim x Cook
            B. Mullice                                                        mark

Certificate of Estate of Ephraim Cook's Will

Wilkes County: In the Probate Court,
I Geo H Brown Judge of Probate for the County of Wilkes, having examined the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Ephraim Cook deceased and signed by Ephraim Cook and dated the 6th day of October 1872, and having heard the testimony of H. Hays and B. Mullis the subscribing witnesses in relation to the Execution of the same, and the said will being in all respects duly proven by the oath and examination of said witnesses. It is thereupon considered and adjudged that the said paper writing and every part thereof is the last will and testament of the said Ephraim Cook deceased, late of Wilkes County and the same is ordered to be recorded as such in the record of wills for said county. At the same time H. Hays & B. Mullis the Executors named in said will personally appear in court and are duly qualified and enter testamentary issued to them this 2oth day February 1873.

                                           Geo H Brown
                                           Probate Judge

Application for Letters Testamentary

Wilkes County: In the Probate Court
In the matter of the will of Ephraim Cook decd
Before Geo H Brown Judge of Probate

H. Hays being sworn doth say:
That Ephraim Cook, late of said county,is dead, having
first made and published his last Will and Testament; and that he H. Hays
& Bartlett Mullis are the executors named therein.
Further, that the property of the said Ephraim Cook
consisting of Real & Personal property
is worth about $250.00, so far as can be ascertained at the date of this
application; and that Richmond Cook, Annie Marlow, Martha Queen,
Alsey Brothertin, The children of Nancy Duncan, Rily Cook,
Pheby Parlier, Delitha Mullis wife of B Mullis, Mary Parlier
wife of George W Parlier, Emeline Hays, wife of
Henry Hays, Celia Marlow, wife of Elbert Marlow
are the parties entitled under said Will to the said property.
H. Hays
Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this 20 day of Feby 1873
Geo H Brown
Probate Judge

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