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Photos of cemetery taken 09 Jan 2005
Hendren Cemetery

Hendren Cemetery Hendren Cemetery
Above photo shows upper row in cemetery facing North.                                  Above photo shows lower row in cemetery.  

The Hendren Cemetery is located off Hose Rd, 1.1 m S from intersection of Bethany Church Rd & Hose Rd. Old roadway leads W 250' - 
cemetery is in clearing 75' N of roadway. There are thirteen Graves in Cemetery divided into 2 rows. There is one grave with unmarked    
fieldstone at end of upper row.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Herein lies a family and part of the Brushy Mountain History. Although a small family cemetery, it has it's own tale to tell.

Jabez Hendren Grave Nancy Hendren Grave
Jabez Hendren Died Aug 27 1888                                                                                                          

  Data from other headstones can be found
Jabez Hendren Cemetery List

Charlotte Hendren Grave Nancy M Hendren Grave Charlotte I Hendren Grave Nancy Hendren Grave Unmarked Stone    Unmarked Stone

Edward Hendren Grave Mary Hendren Grave Infant Hendren Grave Edward P Hendren Grave Lula May Hendren Grave Nancy E Hendren Grave

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