Lewis Baptist Church

Located on Old Salisbury Rd off HWY115
Lewis Baptist Church built in 1823

  Lewis Baptist Church built in 1823

Location of Lewis Church on Old Salisbury Rd
Organized 1823, the Lewis Baptist Chruch  is located at 2190 Old Salisbury Rd. The    church faces away from the road; indicating perhaps that at one time years ago, a road  ran in front of the church.                             

Lewis Baptist Church built in 1823

Sarah Lewis Grave Joseph Lewis Grave

Adeline Lewis Grave  William Henderson Grave

Barbra Moore Grave  Harold Moore Grave

Hannah Souther Grave  Henry Souther Grave
Josephine Bussell  Mary Anderson (1864-1909)
Noah Hayes (1887-1965)  Noah C Lewis (1862-1938) - Dicy Walker (1862-1926)
George Combs (1894-1942) - Leatha Barnette (1897-1990) INfant dau of Geo & Leatha Combs (1926-1926)
Mary Anderson (1839-1931) Lidia Souther (1881-1901?)

20 Apri 2003

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