Brushy Mountain Map

Below Map: The MARLOWS first settled in the Gilreath area.
The location of the churches & cemeteries can be seen on this map.

Brushy Mountain Map

"X" Marks the location of the Elam Marlow Homeplace & Cemetery
off the Vannoy Ridge Rd  (SR2477)

Brushy Mtn Map

Old logging trail from Vannoy Ridge Rd to Moore Rd

The Vannoy Ridge Rd at one time ran all the way through to Hunting Creek.
There is an old logging trail that extends from Vannoy Ridge Rd to Moore rd.
This trail is probably the path that Vannoy Ridge Rd once took. Although it is
shown as a road on this map, it is only an old path used by hunters. This area
is uninhabited with the trail going past the old Elam Marlow homeplace.             

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