Moore Rd

Located off Old Salisbury Rd (SR2425)
Photos cover South end of Moore Rd - Area shown in RIGHT image
Moore Rd -  2002Moore Rd -  2002

Visit Anne (Standley) Brunt's webpage for information on John Standley Sr who settled in this area.

                           Photo #1                 Facing South when making photos
Moore Rd -  2002

                           Photo #2
Moore Rd -  2002

                           Photo #3
                           Photo #4
Moore Rd -  2002
                           Photo #5
Moore Rd -  2002

                           Photo #6                   Photo below was taken in opposite direction of other photos -
                                                          went past trailer, turned back around facing North and took photo

Moore Rd - 2002
               This part of the road adjoins the road in photo below

                           Photo #7
Moore Rd -  2002
Summer 2002

Old logging trail from Vannoy Ridge Rd to Moore Rd Some maps show Vannoy Ridge Rd as running all the way through to Hunting Creek.
In 2004 there is an old logging trail that extends from Vannoy Ridge Rd to Moore rd.

This trail could possibly be the path that Vannoy Ridge Rd once took. Although it is shown as a road on this map,
it is only an old path used by hunters. This area is uninhabited and the trail goes past the old Elam Marlow homeplace.             
Where the old trail connects to the Vannoy ridge rd was location of old cemetery, which has been destroyed by 4-wheelers.
The cemetery was on both sides of road. This was once called "Cook Rd" as Thomas Cook owned land here in 1811 and
Thomas Cook could possibly have been buried here. Hubbards later owned part of this land and supposedly there are 2 or
3 Hubbards buried here that died from a fever.

Later in 1900's it was called Smithy Rd as it led down to Smithy homeplace. Further on down the road lived the Chathams
& George Combs who owned land that was once the MARLOW property.

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