Mormon Chapel
First Mormon Chapel near Ball Mill located off Balls Mill Rd - built by Ball, Marlow  &  Nance families

25 Nov 1908 - Wilburn Jonah Ball, E W Ball, Kezie Ball, Wm Bynum Marlow, & wife Ellen grant a tract of land to The Church of Latter Day Saints. These families all lived nearby and were members of the church.

The first Latter Day Saint Chapel was built, near Jonah Ball's mill, just off Ball Mill Rd. In recent years, this part of Ball Mill Rd has been renamed Cherry Grove Rd. The Chapel was built by the Ball, Marlow and Nance famlies. It was a 30x40 frame building, constructed from timber that was cut at the nearby Ball sawmill. On 19 July 1907 a Sunday school was started in Gilreath and the Chapel was dedicated 25 July 1909.

In 1950, a new brick Mormon Church was built on Ball Mill Rd and the old Chapel was abandoned. Sometime later, Daniel Wesley Marlow disassembled the old church, took it his property, reassembled it and there it stands today. It was used as a storage building and still owned by MARLOW descendants in 2004. By 2008 the property is no longer owned by MARLOW family.

Members of the First  Latter Day Saints Church

Members of the First Latter Day Saints Church

                     1. Hansford Durant Ball Jr      2. Brenda Kay Ball      
              3. Linda Ann Ball                  4. Norman Marlow
          5. Linnie Bell Marlow             6.  Tim Marlow
        7. Wanda Baity                   8. Missionary
                9. Enie Israel Ball                10. Sherman Marlow 
           11. Reid Wright                   12. Hobart Wright
        13. Unknown Man                 14. Nellie Wright
                 15. Unknown Man                 16. Lennie Ball Marlow 
       17. Ann Transou Ball             18. June Wright
                 19. Beatrice Ball Wilson          20. Bonnie Sue Marlow
            21. Clara Transou Marlow       22. W Fred Marlow
                      23. Hansford Durant Ball         24. Daniel Wesley Marlow 

Photos provided by JoAnn & Andrew Ball.   A special thanks for their help.
Additional data relating to church provided by Wanda Lewis.

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