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Peterson T Marlow was born in Halifax County VA February 13th 1801. He was married to Frances M. Worsham in Halifax County NC, December 19th 1826 and moved to Georgia in 1830, where he lived until death claimed him March 25th 1887.

He was buried beside his wife, who preceeded him to his grave but a few years, at his old home place and family burial ground in the upper portion of Jackson County, Georgia.

Besides his relatives a very large concourse of neighbors and friends were present at his burial, though the services were conducted in a quiet, unostentatious manner at the grave. His civil relations were faithfully maintained during his long and busy life. Those who knew him best praise him abundantly as a strictly honest man, a just, true, energetic and conscientious neighbor whose door were ever open to appeals of charity and whose hands were ever full in ministrations to the need and afflicted. His hospitality was limited only by his means and the occasion; so central in his life was the trait, that just a few hours before he died he gave specific directions concerning the welfare of those attending him. His social relations were very pleasant and inviting. His home relations were conducive to happiness and contentment to his large family, even delicate enough to aid much in leading every single child of eight or nine in number into the fold of Christ's flock, though himself not a member of any church. Every relation assumed by him was well filled, as is testified by those who dealt with him most and who knew him best.

He thought he ought to have joined the church in early life, but neglected to do so. Just before death came to him he remarked; "If anybody ever trusted Jesus, I do now," and repeatedly expressed himself as desirous to die and be with his Redeemer. He was conscious of a spiritual change and was very happy at the prospect of death.

He was conscious until a very short while before he died, his mind being exceptionally clear and active.

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