Quarry Cemetery
Located off Hwy115 on Quarry Rd

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Rock Bottom Church once stood near this cemetery.
Cemetery name is unknown by this researcher; calling it the Quarry Cemetery

Gate into Quarry Gate into Quarry Quarry Rd leading to cemetery Quarry Rd  & cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Rev. Worley Gravemarker Marcus Tedder & Sarah Marcus Tedder GravemarkerCemetery
Benjamin Tedder Gravemarker Mahala Tedder & Miles Nance Gravemarkers Miles Nance Gravemarker 4 graves in row -
Tedder Child (near the fence)- Benjamin Tedder (2nd from fence) - Mahala Tedder (3rd from fence) - Miles Nance (4th & last in row)
Benjamin Tedder                  Mahala Tedder + Miles Nance                        Miles Nance                                Four graves  

The graves of Tedder child, Benjamin Tedder, Mahala Tedder & Miles Nance were relocated in 1996.

A man at the Quarry said that he was present for the removal & reinterment of the four graves.
      The older grave, believed to have been that of Miles Nance, was in better condition than the remains
found in the other graves. The man said that a Goodyear button was found in this grave.          

Entrance to Quarry rd off Hwy 115

Quarry Entrance Quarry Entrance

Photos:   May 27 2004

Rock Quarry Rock Quarry
Looking East from the quarry cemetery one would be facing the location of a cemetery that is near the 2nd LDS church built on Ball Mill Rd.

The old Pike Rd now part of Ball Mill Rd follows along the quarry as far as the road extends today.
Although now a dead end rd, Pike Rd once continued on across the mountain and connected to the other end of the present Pike Rd.
Rock Quarry Rev Worley Grave
Reverand Worley was the pastor of Rock Bottom Church once located near his gravesite.
Why were there so few graves at this cemetery?

Marcus Tedder Grave
Marcus Tedder built Rock Bottom Church once located near where he is buried.

Quarry Cemetery
Quarry Cemetery

Benjamin Tedder Headstone - 2nd grave from fence
Benjamine Tedder Grave

Miles Nance Headstone - 4th grave from fence
Miles Nance Headstone
4 graves re-interred
          Four graves were disinterred from two separate cemeteries further southwest in the quarry and re-interred into this cemetery in 1996.

          Tedder Child (near the fence) - Benjamin Tedder (2nd from fence) - Mahala Tedder (3rd from fence) - Miles Nance (4th & last in row)
          Benjamin Tedder (1797-) m. 6 June 1821 Mahalia Eastridge (1802-1884) - Miles Nance (1804-) m. Sarah Stanley

          The Tedder graves were disinterred from the Benjamin Tedder Family Cemetery at the old homeplace.
          A single grave found a short distance away from the Tedder Cemetery was identified as the probable grave of Miles Nance.

Quarry Rd Map

This map shows Pike Rd as being a continual rd BUT part of this road (about midway) is no longer accessible by vehicle.
One needs to travel from Ball Mill Rd to the end; or from the other side beginning at Pike Rd and traveling to the end.

Quarry Rd Map

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