Ransom Marlow Will

Ransom Marlow
Jackson Co GA
Will BK-B Pages 360-361

State of Georgia
Jackson County
As it is apointed unto man once to die and after death then the Judgement
I Ransom Marlow make this my last will and Testament. I will all of my Real estate and personal estate to my Wife Delila Marlow to have and to hold and do as she may see fit for her own youse and benefit during her life time or widow hood: and if my Wife has at any time more Stock than She wants She shall sell of such Stock and appropriate the money to her owne youse and benefit after she payes my funeral and burial expences. If my wife Delila Marlow should marry: then my estate must be divided equally among all my children; and giving my wife Delila Marlow a childs part; and if any of my children should die their children shall come in and receive their farthers or mother part of my Estate. I will to all my Children and equal sheare of my Estate; but my Daughter Sarha Jane Marlow I will to her and Equal sheare of my Estate and then I will to her one hundred Acres of land to be cut off of the Stiles Track of land: and to be cut off the East Side of said Tract of land; I will this to my daughter Sarha Jane Marlow extraz of all the rest of my Children for staying and wating on me and my wife in our old age to Recompence her for her servises. This hundred Achors of Land must be cut off for her before anny of my estate is divided among anny of my Children; and I also apoint my Wife Delila Marlow and my Son John W Marlow Execetors to this my Last Will and Testament. Sined Sealed in presence of these Witnesses this October the Sixth in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and Seventy              October 6th 1870
                                                                                              Ransom x Marlow (Seal)
Wesley T Carter
W P Mangum
H J Witworth
J D Catlett

Probated Aug 2 1886

Jackson County
Personally came in open court on the first Monday in August 1886 WP Mangum who being duly sworn says that he together with Wesley T Carter HJ Whitworth and JD Catlett saw Ransom Marlow sign seal & publish the foregoing writing as his last will and testament while of sound and disposing mind. That they witnessed the same at the special instance and request of testator and signed the same in presence of testator and in the presence of each other and that the same will was voluntarily executed in the day & year it purported to have been made.
Sworn to & subscribed before
me this Aug 2nd 1886.                                                                 W P Mangum
                      H W Bell  Ordy

Recorded Sept 1 1886

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