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Harmon Tudor born 1760-1770 is the patriarch of all the Tedder's of Wilkes County, NC. Harmon came to Wilkes County from Granville-Chatham Counties, NC prior to 1820. Harmon's surname started off as Tudor but due to a land deed in Chatham his surname spelling changed to Tedder. To date no record has been found confirming Harmon's wife or parents.
William Hubbard Tedder was the Great Grandson of Harmon Tedder. His mother was Biddy Tedder and father an unknown Hubbard. William was born April 11, 1848 in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes.His mother
Biddy Tedder was kicked out of Lewis Baptist Church in May of 1848 for having a bastard child. Biddy Tedder married Elias/Elus Anderson in 1851 and William was left to be raised by his grandparents Benjamin Franklin Tedder and Mahalea Eastridge. At age 19, William married Mary Elizabeth Riddle age 19 on Jan, 23 1868 in the home of Debby Riddle, Mary's mother. Her father was Irvin Read.
William Hubbard Tedder and Mary Elizabeth Riddle had 9 known children and all born in Wilkes County, NC
1. John Wesley Tedder b. 1869 - d. April 20, 1926 Wilkes County, NC
married Martha A. Anderson March 13, 1887
2. Janette Elizabeth Tedder ( Nettie ) b.Nov 16, 1871 - d. Dec 15, 1959 Iredell County, NC
( no marriage record found ) husband Robin Moore s/o John Moore and Sarah Anderson.
3. William Green Tedder b. Dec 27 1873 - d. July 22, 1925 Algoma, McDowell County WV. He died in a coal mining accident. Married Martha Florence Gentle ( maiden Fuentes ) Feb 18, 1899. Martha was the daughter of Geronimo Fuentes and Eulogia De La Cruz of Starr County, TX
4. Stephen Benjamin Tedder b. July 12, 1876 married Francis b. in VA
5. Pinkney Marcus Tedder b. June 5, 1878 - d. May 16, 1959 married Sarah b. in VA
6. Minnie Tedder b. 1881
7. Cora Lee Tedder b. Jan 17, 1885 - d. Feb 14, 1963 Cabarrus County, NC
8. Mary B. Tedder b. July 16, 1887
9. Clifford Tedder b. 1889 - d May 2, 1928 Crumpler, McDowell, WV in a coal mining accident
1st wife Hattie b. in VA - 2nd wife Clyde Bell
Stephen,Pinkney and Clifford Tedder's wives Francis, Sarah and Hattie were said to be sisters. Per some
records all were born in VA. One record shows their surname as Booher but it has been stated it may be Booker. Records have not been found by this researcher to confirm the spelling.
William Hubbard Tedder and Mary E. Riddle were divorced in 1900. Much of the divorce record is hard to read. William filed for divorce in early 1900 accusing Mary E of adultery with J. A. Lowe. The sheriff tried to serve Mary E. with a summons to appear in court but could not locate her in Wilkes county. Divorce was finalized in Aug of 1900. No record has been found on the whereabouts of Mary Elizabeth Riddle Tedder after her divorce
William Hubbard Tedder's 2nd marriage was to Martha Elizabeth Gentle aka Lizzie Jan 8, 1900 (before Williams divorce was finalized ) Martha was the daughter of William P. Gentle and Mary C. Ray
William Hubbard Tedder and Martha Elizabeth Gentle had 5 known children:
Perry Mayford Tedder, Hailey Tedder, Sarah Angeline Tedder, Lucreda Tedder, and Millie (some spellings may be off per census)
William Hubbard Tedder died in Rowan County, NC on Oct 8, 1926. He is buried in Edgewood Baptist Church, Wilkes County, NC
Martha Elizabeth Gentle Tedder died April 8, 1948 in Forsyth County, NC. 

Martha Florence Fuentes was born Jan 2, 1872 (per death record ) 1875 (census more accurate and consistent) in Starr County, TX. She was the daughter of Geronimo Fuentes and Eulogia De La Cruz of Mexico. Martha's known siblings are Francisca, Albina and Juan.
Martha Fuentes Tedder
Geronimo Fuentes Immigration record
Geronimo Fuentes received immigration in Starr County, TX on Oct 29 1888.

Martha while living in TX met Samuel Gentle. He was the son of William P. Gentle and Mary C Ray of Wilkes County, NC. No record has been found as to why Samuel went to Texas from Wilkes, NC. Martha was said to have married Samuel but no record has ever been found. Martha was Indian (per DNA) and there were laws against a person of color marrying a white person. It has also been stated Martha was shunned form her family for being with a white man. Samuel took Martha from Texas back to Wilkes County, NC and Sam died in 1898. Some have said at home of sickness and some say the Spanish- American War. War record transcriptions have been posted as Samuel enlisting but the NARA has no record. Martha died Sept 21, 1956 in Henry, VA. She is buried in Roseland Burial Park in Martinsville, VA.

Samuel and Martha had 2 children:
1-Walter Hudson Gentle b. March 14, 1890 Starr County, TX- d. Apr 1972 Martinsville VA; his wife was Mattie E. Hopkins
2-Anna M. Gentle b. 1898 and died before 1920

Martha Florence Fuentes then married William Green Tedder in 1899 under the surname of Gentle not Fuentes even though no marriage to Samuel Gentle has been found. William Green Tedder and Martha Florence Fuentes had 9 known Children:

Everette Heart Tedder, Texie Mae Tedder, Flossie Ernestine Tedder, Mamie Tedder, Stella Tedder, Rosie Tedder, Florence Tedder, Nellie Tedder and Ruth Tedder

    Martha Fuentes with son Walter Gentle

    See Ray Family for more Tedder info.

William Green Tedder Family                         William Tedder (L-R:) Front Row - Nelly, William Green Tedder, Martha Florence Fuentes, Ruth, Florence                               William Green Tedder
Back Row - Rosie, Mamie, Texie Mae, Richard Hopkins (Texi Mae's husband) Stella, Flossie.

Flossie Tedder William Green Tedder Family
                        Flossie Tedder                                                                               Texie Mae Tedder

Steven Tedder Family

Back Row: L to R - Phoebe Tedder and Flossie Tedder

Front Row: L to R - Frances Booher and Benjamin Stephen Tedder

For information regarding DNA testing our Tedder/Tudor line or for DNA results on our Patriarch, Harmon Tedder, please contact Woody Tedder manrek@aol.com

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