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Wiley Marlow Will

Wily Marlow
Iredell County NC
Will BK-2 Page 230  

In the name of God, Amen. I Wily Marlow of the County of Iredell and State of North Carolina, being of sound mind and perfect memory, calling to mind the mortality of my body being in a low state of health nowing that all men are bourned to die I will my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to be buried in a desent christian manor as touching my Worldly Estate which it has pleased God to indow me with. I will give and bequeath in the following manor VIZ:
First I will all my just debts to be paid
Secondly I will and bequeath to my Beloved wife Polly Marlow one cow two sheep two bedstances one bed and Furniture and her waring clothes and her lifetime or widohood on the place where she now lives. And at her death or marage the land and Ballance of my property is to belong to my son Richard Marlow. I have given to my daugter Jiney all I shall ever give her. I have givn to my son John all I shall ever give him. Thirdly My Mother is to have her lifetime support on the land that I have bequeath to my Beloved wife Polly Marlow & at her Death or marage to Belong to Richard Marlow also my son Richard is to have liberty to work and coultivate land for the Benefit of suport and Rasing his family and not to dispose of it otherwise At the Death or marage of my wife Polly Marlow. I hear By declare this to be my last will and testament in witness where of I have here unto set my name and seal this July 26th day one thousand Eight Hundred and Forty one in presants of
Witness:                                                                  Wily x Marlow
John N Barker                                                                mark
Joel Barker Jurat

Recorded August Term 1841

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